A Little Bit Of Attention.

attentionwordWhy this constant need of attention in human life? Attention from parents, attention from mentors, attention from colleagues. Man always craves more attention.
Why can’t we be content with what we have for once?
Others might think that my writing about this matter is another frugal attempt for attention, maybe it is who knows?
How can man ever know what goes on in the deepest corners of his brain, which seemingly non-existent part of the brain is the driving force behind all his actions?
You can call me a philosophical person, which I probably am;
I like to think that everything that takes place around us can be traced back to a human characteristic, a human flaw which practically determines why everything is the way it is.
This ain’t a story and I ain’t an author, but what I am is truthful to myself.
From the time we are born, we start fighting, start competing for attention.

My aunt was expecting twins and her due date was last month. I got an opportunity to visit her at that time. I happened to ask my younger brother, my aunt’s first born, how he felt about having smaller brothers or sisters(It later turned out to be brothers), he looked at me with a wry smile and then said humbly, “It will be okay. Nobody will love me any less”.
His reply got me thinking, “Why did he even have to worry about anybody loving him less in the first place?”. Was it really something to worry about?.

The matter does not pertain only to children. In a job atmosphere today, one of your co-workers might produce better work than you do. Believe me, it makes life miserable.

Fighting for attention is a primeval and innate quality of man, whether he can do without this quality is a different question altogether.
So the question now is-” Is fighting for attention a bad thing?”.

Everybody loves attention, loves to be focused on, so no, it’s not a bad thing. But when somebody who you are close to, gets more focus than you do, don’t you feel angry?.(If you don’t then it’s great) You might think that he/she has not done anything great, and the frenzy around him is baseless, but that does not curb your anger does it?
Now to solve this problem, you have 2 ways. Firstly, you can act aloof, and pretend that you don’t care while deep down you still do.The other solution is that you too can revel in that frenzy, and try to understand what skill it was that created all the frenzy around him.You can try to learn that skill from him. Something good can be derived from everything that you see around you. Don’t let your ego and dogma get the better of you.
I’ll tell you something my mother once told me when I was facing a similar problem.
You have a glass of water and your friend has a glass of water. Your glass is not as filled as his, but it is filled nonetheless.Now, if some of the water from his glass were to be poured into your glass, then both the glasses would have the same level of water.

So, in the end one must strive to learn as much as possible from anyone and everyone around oneself.

Just something to think about.